Thursday, April 13, 2017

Report of Cannabis ADHOC committee--No more secrets

   Special Meeting called for April 18, 2017 at 9 AM, Calaveras Supervisors

   Although not included in the packet for agendized items at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on April 11, 2017, we have obtained a copy of the written handout passed out at that meeting.

    There are 4 items listed:

   1.  Due to the removal of Measure B from the ballot, the Board should terminate this ad hoc committee and address the issue of cannabis as a full board.

   *  We agree, but believe that there never should have been an adhoc committee appointed. It was pushed by Oliveira and Mills.

   2.  The Board should appoint a Cannabis Control Coordinator (CCC) for a period ending 12/31/17.  The CCC shall be tasked with implementing the overall enforcement of Calaveras County's cannabis policy.  This appointment shall occur this month (April) and will report directly to the Board, reporting to the Board on progress and obstacles at every board meeting.
   3.   The Board's priorities should be to complete current applications for permits and eliminate all illegal cannabis grows in Calaveras County prior to harvest 2017.  Under the direction of the CCC, all county departments are directed to make every effort to comply with these priorities.  The CCC is authorized to use outside agencies and/or contractors to assist in this effort.

   4.  The CCC shall conduct a monthly study session with the BOS and the public in shaping a cannabis policy.  It is recommended that these study sessions be broken down, element by element to create focus.

   We, therefore ask the Board of Supervisor to accept this report and direct staff to act on these recommendations immediately.

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