Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Calaveras District 4 Supervisor Mills called LIAR

   During the May 30, 2017 study session for Calaveras County a member of the Public called Supervisor of District 4 a LIAR for stating that the State of California was not going to regulate cannabis.

   Mr. Smith is correct. We agree that Tea Party Supervisor Mills is a LIAR!!  He intentionally lies to make people believe what he wants. He lied to get elected! He lied to the Sierra Sentinel when he was on CCWD.

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Anonymous said...

Smith stated Mills was irresponsible. He is correct. Clapp called the county employees disrespectful names and stated they should be fired. He then stated Calaveras residents were disgusting and Calaveras is disgusting further he should be in the Bay Area. Why is this guy a supervisor? He is incompetent and a disgrace to his fellow Board members, the board chambers and the citizens of this county. Recuse yourself you foolish idiot Mr Clapp and leave this disgusting county as you put it