Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Marriage LIcenses in Calaveras County

    In May of 2017 the following marriage licenses were issued:

   William Alexander Timosh
and Parys Nichole Baker on May 15, 2017,

   Levi Dan Emerson and Nichole Shea McCartney on May 17, 2017,

   Cody Allen Zenaty and Rachel Nicole Holmes on May 17, 2017,

   Joshua Lawrence Davenport and Anna Kit McCracken on May 18, 2017,

   Mark Louis Diliberto and April Rose Rodriguez on May 19, 2017,

   David Christopher Gibbons and Gina Maria Cagnolatti on May 19, 2017,

   Gregory John Wilson and Sarah Anne Shepard on May 24, 2017,

   John Richard Fernandes, Jr. and Tracy Lynn Wheeler on May 25, 2017,

   Tesia Lynn Sun Jung Bobrycki and Nicol Nelson Gafney on May 25, 2017,

   Matthew Liberty Tombs and Amber Marie Lutes on May 26, 2017,

  Deric Andrew Mote and Brandi Lynn Griffis on May 26, 2017,

   Leon Carlos Adrian Brenes and Sarah Marie Timosh on May 26, 2017.

   Congratulations to all of you!!









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