Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tom Tryon says 'little guy' has no RIGHTS with these SUPERVISORS!!!

   Tom Tryon, former District 4 Supervisor, stated at the May 30, 2017 Cannabis BAN meeting, that the Supervisors would incur MARSHALL LAW on Calaveras Citizens.

   He stated that the 'little people' should have some rights for use of their land!!!

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Anonymous said...

I found Tom Tryon's Libertarian expressions very funny. He must be receiving padded white envelopes for him to attend a meeting.
How did Tryon treat the citizens of Calaveras when he sat as a member of the bos and other Calaveras County required positions as a board member? Tryon could care less about the peoples' rights. Tryon is a self-serving individual. Is Tryon a registered grower or an illegal grower? When will Tryon and Edson come to one of these meeting arm & arm?
Barnum & Bailey Circus closed. Calaveras County can fill in, it is just as entertaining, but, without animals (YET). Tryon are you a registered representative of the growers?
Mr. Tryon does it make you sad, that Tofanelli is for the ban, considering how you and he were such buddies.