Sunday, May 7, 2017

Centrist Macron' wins in France--voters say NO to racism!

   Fortunately the voters in France, especially the younger people, rejected LePen's White Supremacist policies and elected Macron' as their next President.

   In the US, the young people as a whole, did not turn out to save our country from the White Supremacist, anti-women's rights TRUMP party of Republicans; and so we suffer.

   Yes, we suffer from the psychopathic lies, the psychotic tweets, the incompetence of Trump and his cronies and the terrifying inability of his foreign policy or proper treatment of our allies.


Anonymous said...

France is done, quite sad really - 230 people were killed by Islamic Terrorists there last year..

And now - the winning leftist globalist Soro's puppet moron will open the floodgates and will import more. And more Frenchman will then be murdered.

The French voted for that.

Amazing and damn sad.

Anonymous said...

What's sad to me is that people like the last commenter are allowed to vote. Need an IQ test at the polls?
The EU prevents more WW's. you are the moron.

Anonymous said...

Wish we had him here as our pres.