Saturday, May 6, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Do employers have to hire racists??

   Dear Sentinel:

   I've been following all the horrid stories here and other places online about racists
and all the problems with racism.

   I was just wondering if an employer can refuse to hire a racist? Can they ask a few questions to find out and then refuse to hire them?

    I know where I work the racist among us is a trouble maker and just a miserable guy to be around. Is it illegal to discriminate against racists and not hire them???

    Thanks for taking my letter,



Anonymous said...

I would think it a wise practice. Also men who say things about women. can be big trouble for lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

The local kkk might sue the employer for reverse discrimination,lol

Anonymous said...

The racists I have known have always been lazy and crooks. I wouldn't hire them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there wouldn't be a WH staff now at all if no White Supremacists could get hired. Bannan and his kkk friends are threilled.