Friday, May 5, 2017

Neighbors from Hell # 30: We're so smart! Hire me!! I keep getting FIRED!!

   If you have neighbors who repeatedly brags about how wonderful of employees they are,  how they could start their own
company and never have to be there, or wants YOU to hire them for anything at all, BEWARE!!!

   "We are so smart we would have a computer run the whole business while we travel around wherever we want." they say??

   If you have neighbors who constantly deride the boss and other employees where they now work, telling you how MUCH they are worth, or could totally run ANY company by themselves, look out!!

   Or if you have neighbors who tell you how they badmouthed their bosses behind their backs, and then are out looking for a job cause they got fired many times, HIDE!!

    You definitely have Neighbors From Hell!!  Stay away!! Stay very far away!!!

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