Friday, May 12, 2017

Pro-cannabis people scared...not Anti-folks

     After we saw Vickie Reinke, mouthy Tea Party who is representing Vickie Mills, head of the Calaveras Tea Party, say people against cannabis are "scared", we had to think for a minute.

    In fact, we have been told that it is the majority of citizens, who are afraid, afraid of the Tea Party wackos like Reinke, the Mills, McManus, Tunno, etc.  They are terrified of coming out in public to say they are not against marijuana, NOT the Tea Party folks!!

   This fear emanates all the way from the Trump White House. Threats to anyone who opposes what they want. 


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with this. I've never been pro or con but I am afraid to say something with using my name.

Anonymous said...

The pro cannabis person, Edson, is whining and complaining on facebook about how his business is failing and he can't deal with it. Looks like he spent all the envelope money and the tip jar money. The story of riches to rags.
Edson, wake up! You created the cannabis mess in Calaveras County. Will Calaveras County become the third world county that Edson and those he secretly represents wants?

Edson, you'd better hurry up and plant that acreage you bought, if you haven't already done it.
C'mon Edson, step up to the podium on Tuesday and tell your woes to the board, publicly.