Friday, May 12, 2017

Survey of Calaveras Cannabis ban: pro and con

   The has conducted an informal and unscientific phone poll in every Supervisorial district in Calaveras County regarding the ban on cannabis.

   We found that 75% of those who responded
say they don't mind commercial cannabis grows in the county, but they want it well regulated.  21% said they want a ban on all grows.

   When asked their reasons, the ban people said they were told by their political party to be for a ban.  The people who were not for a ban said that it should be a regulated product just like alcohol and cigarettes or any prescription drug.

   Most knew someone who uses cannabis for medicinal reasons and other know people who use it for recreation now that its legal.  They don't feel banning it will help the county, only put people back underground, where they make more money.

   We forwarded our findings to the Calaveras Supervisors.  Most also told us they are nervous about coming forward to speak in favor of Cannabis, due to the Tea Party people involved in the ban.

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