Saturday, May 13, 2017

What are Tea Party (Freedom Caucus) folks really like??? Calaveras SHERIFF????

   As many of you are aware the owner of the and family are personally aware of just how violent and horrid racists the Tea Party members (or Freedom Caucus, alt-right) Trump followers
truly can be.

   Whenever the even DARES to write something against their beliefs of 100 guns per racist and or anti-racist articles, we get THREATS of FIRE, RAPE, VANDALISM, and other wacko behavior such as horn blasting, even at our home!! 

   Has a woman tried to deny her reasons for bizarre behavior, but then read an article she didn't like in court!!   How do you deny your reasons in court documents and then brag about your reasons in court???? And what kind of JUDGE is so blind and incompetent not to see the insanity??? Want to know his name?????

      We  will reveal it, and the District Attorney who is complicit in the unbelievable corruption in Calaveras County too.  We have all the documentation.

   All documented to the Calaveras Sheriff, the dead Sheriff told us the main racist, who he said is totally crazy, is going to get the veterans and gun nuts to vote against him if he arrests or charges him.

   Did the newly appointed Temp. Sheriff have a sargent call us on the phone, with him listening, to say that they refuse to stop the violence, threats, vandalism and other crimes; that we should stop writing about them if we want it to stop????  Do you believe that??? It's true!!!

   DeBasilio has a policy that NO one has the right to free speech except the RACISTS, DIRTY COPS, and Tea Party wackos in Calaveras. He appears to be in favor of an ALL White county such as the State of Jefferson. 

   We had to go to the FBI to get assistance with an investigation into the conspiracy of one woman and two men specifically who cannot control themselves and are feeling emboldened by a racist President, who cannot stop telling lies.

    Do these people in the Tea Party Alt-Right racist kkk LIE even in a courtroom!  Do they have no honor, either to the US, the military, women or anyone else who doesn't agree with their violent racist lifestyle??

   The, as we have told our readers before, will fight against TRUMP and his crazy Tea Party Alt Right racists and violent  predators, and will write about their insanity as often as we feel the need to.  This corrupt Sheriff will NOT stop us!!!

   This Sheriff needs to GO!!  He has proven to us to be a crooked, incompetent, cowardly, and corrupt individual who should NOT be allowed any position of power.  What he has done is an ABUSE OF POWER!!!

   He cannot keep the good deputies under him because they KNOW about him and the corruption throughout the department.  Even the women, proven by the last deputy and the Sheriff together, prove our case.



Anonymous said...

Are these the same ones who have threatened to burn down your home?

Anonymous said...

I already knew. I work at the county. corruption is the middle name.

Anonymous said...

Are these the same people in that kkk group???

Anonymous said...

Some say they aren't like that, but if they voted for trump, they are!

Anonymous said...

It's always so hard for me to believe that women are mixed up in this stuff. What possesses them???

Anonymous said...

Like most women in trouble, they get mixed up with the scumbag men.e

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anybody wonder why the Dems are not doing something about these creeps?

Anonymous said...

As far a basilio goes, he only cares about where his next roach is coming from. he doesn't give a sh&& about any of us.

Anonymous said...

Even our county is so divided you can't have a normal conversation because of that moron trump/.a