Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Who would you believe? Trump or Comey??

   The White House is once again (nearly every day) in a tailspin, this time over FBI sources revealing that the fired Director kept copious notes of every meeting, including with the President.

   The memos apparently state that Trump asked Comey to end the investigation into Flynn and the Russians, and also that Trump wanted a 'loyalty' pledge to him.  Comey refused both!! And he got fired.

   If its between Trump, who lies daily, or Comey, who would the public believe???  Trump hinted he taped Comey.  Let's hear the tapes, then!!!


Anonymous said...

Somebody is a traitor that came from the previous administration! Too many so called leaks. Comey overstepped his bounds. He should have reported his findings to the Justice Dept and let them take care of the problem, if there was one. We all know what Hillary did. It was up to the Justice Dept to administer justice.

Anonymous said...

Comey of course. Trump is a liar!!!