Thursday, December 13, 2018

Does CalFire know what they are talking about?? Exterior Sprinklers???

   After reading about a study of CalFire's trying to force everyone to clear-cut their land and
what happened during the Butte Fire vs. what happened to homes in a Minnesota fire, we have questions.

   188 homes were outfitted with exterior and rooftop fire sprinklers and while other homes in the area of a big fire burned, those with the sprinklers survived.

   In the study, it also showed that heavy tree coverage actually stops the burning embers from reaching the homes, instead of them blowing right onto them like in California.


Anonymous said...

The problem with sprinklers is that if everyone left them on, there wouldn’t be enough water in hydrants for the fire fighting efforts.

Anonymous said...

CDF already has regulations in place. They don't do enforcement for vegetation clearance.