Thursday, December 13, 2018

Current approach to Wildfire is literally KILLING US!

   Institutional momentum and HUBRIS are hampering needed change in dealing with wildfire
in California.

   The current fire control paradigm sees habitat (i.e. fuel) as the problem, causing millions of dollars being wasted on fire suppression and clear-cutting thousand so acres of trees and shrubs.

   It is NOT working!  The fire problem is a HOME IGNITON problem, not a wildfire control

   Firefighting agencies show little desire to understand and change their policies. Now that Paradise has been ELIMINATED, perhaps attitudes will change, and those in power will get wiser.

   One of the proven strategies and retrofits that can be implemented easily to homes is the installation of exterior fire sprinklers.

  They are affordable and can be easily installed.  One family in the Camp Fire is proof positive.

   There may even be grants available to our areas of fire danger to assist us in  the cost of these sprinklers. It is certainly worth a try, or would that mean less money for CalFire?


Anonymous said...

A thought, what about those who have wells and need power in order to pump water? If the power is off, they won't be able to have water for the sprinklers.

Sounds great for those of us on public water.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't want to live an area that was burned like Paradise. I'll take my insurance check and move on!