Sunday, December 23, 2018

Jerry Baker petition for Day One Containment petition

That's the way and the ONLY way to fight wildfires!
   As we all know, CalFire's strategy of waiting for a few days to see how bad a wildland
fire will be, just doesn't work. In one day, Paradise was NO LONGER!

   Jerry Baker of Groveland,  has started a petition called Day One Containment on to appeal to the Senate and CalFire to attack with multiple aircraft on the initial response to any wildfire.

   Air support is the ONLY way to fight a wildfire.  Go to to sign the petition or see more
information on the plan.

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Al Segalla said...

I went to the Cal-Fire website to see the statistics on the Butt fire. Amazing. They show the time the fire started but no information on early containment. Perhaps, the reason for this is that there was none.

For those who want an end to the disastrous wild fires, Sharing the Baker article with the Governor and our Representatives would be a good idea.