Thursday, December 13, 2018

OP-ED: UPDATE on the Alice Montgomery SAGA

  First thing this morning, Alice Montgomery forced her husband to try and get Alice's reputation cleaned up with the owner of the

   Husband stated how much business they give this town: HUH?  No written email explanation! No apology for the cruelty she imbued on everyone who didn't support her man.

   Too many people know Alice and her behavior to try and pretend that she is an innocent babe! Sorry!!


Anonymous said...

If that woman tries to deny she's a Jefferson state secessionist, I have seen her at their reg dinners.

Anonymous said...

She is a disgrace and just a confused banster who is paid by Mcbanus

Anonymous said...

She's friends with all of the racists in town

Anonymous said...

Spot on Sierra Sentinel. What a piece of work she is.