Thursday, December 27, 2018

OP-ED: Mr. Mike Fullaway denies threatening City of Angels Camp???? We hate LIARS!!!

   Sorry Mr. Fullaway, owner of a hardware store in the City of Angels Camp, but we cannot let you get away with the filthy lies we are told that you have been spreading!!!

   It is ON FILM your going in front of the Angels Camp City Council and crying that you cannot handle any more competition such as that from a Tractor Supply.

   You also, ON FILM, THREATENED the City of Angels Camp with NEVER donating anything again, as you claim to have always done before, IF THEY ALLOW the Tractor Supply to be built in town.

   We also heard you badmouth a nice realtor in town because of your insane plans to shut down another business; disgraceful!

   As disgusting as this display was to see on the video online (and anyone can view it on youtube), it is even more disgusting that you are NOW lying to cover it up!!!


Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting where he ranted like a maniac. he cannot deny his bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Just another pompous ass Trump supporter! Sell your stores to me if your ready to leave town as we all wish you would!