Thursday, December 27, 2018

Vacant Positions in Calaveras County

  Many citizen boards/committees and commissions in Calaveras County have vacancies.

   If you have the time, you should apply for one that you have an interest in:

     Altaville Cemetery District has two vacant positions. They address the continuing need to provide for the respectful an cost-effective interment of human remains. It includes maintenance of the cemetery.  The board meets as necessary.

  Area 12 Agency on Aging Advisory Council needs members. Purpose is to advocate for older citizens in Calaveras County.

  Camanche Regional Park advisory Board has one vacancy and meets at Pardee.
   First 5 Commission has two vacancies, representing early childhood development.

   Contact Diane Severud for questions about these or other vacant positions, or for more information on applying at 754-6470

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