Wednesday, December 12, 2018

OP-ED: So, Alice Montgomery, tell us about yourself!! NOT right wing???

   During the election campaign for Oliveira and DiBasilio, Alice Montgomery was reputed
to be a nasty political FORCE to be reckoned with

   She was active in the Oliveira campaign, along with the Muetterties and Pissed on and his cohort McBanus.

    She even donated part of her property for him to have a free office when she owned Cedar Center. True or not true?

   Now that Oliveira lost, however, she insists she NEVER had anything to do with any of these people, was NOT active or his chair, and says she is NOT RIGHT WING.

   Let's see now Alice!  You are a member of the secessionist Jefferson club, right?  You are against a womans right to choose, right?

  And you, as we have been told by several people, was seen actively stalking Merita Callaway and also writing things online that were untrue and crude about her, right?

  Now you say you are NOT against Merita Callaway?  How can you be trusted, Alice Montgomery?

   And now she wants a CLEAN slate of her past and everything about her erased from the 

  To clean up your reputation Alice Montgomery, you need to do more than LIE and DENY your past!!   You might start with an apology for your past behavior!



Anonymous said...

Where is the proof that she is anti abortion and Jefferson state supported, do you have documentation, recordings???????????? Please share if you do so can crucify her!

Anonymous said...

I’m no fan of Alice. I think that the way she behaved during the campaign was out of line.

That said, the election is over. I’m glad Merita won, but that doesn’t mean that I want Mike or Alice or anyone else destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Alice should have kept her mouth shut. Maybe then she wouldn’t be worried about everything printed online. It was defamation of character, what she and Lisa did. She needs to lay in the bed she made.