Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PG&E causes disturbance in Burson

   The Calaveras Sheriff was called by PG&E because a resident in Burson did not want them on their  land, which we totally understand.

   When they refused to leave, however, he threatened to get a gun. Can't do that!  PG&E did leave the area.

   Due to PG&E's lack of concern for any of our safety and flatly refusing to put their hot lines underground to protect us, we feel the same way about keeping those people off your land.

   In spite of all the deaths and destruction in Paradise, they cling to their horrid practice of overhead hot lines, which they say saves them money.

  You do have a right to refuse access to them, but you cannot threaten them.  PG&E is bad  news, as we all know!


Anonymous said...

I agree. All they care about is their stockholders profits!

Anonymous said...

You can sometimes refuse the work, and they'll go away. But there is a law, Penal Code Section 420 that makes it a misdemeanor to obstruct them from accessing their utilities.