Thursday, December 27, 2018

Trump went to Iraq and LIED to our troops!

  He put Melania on display with her short skirt and legs crossed in clear view of the soldiers who are away from their women and families, while in Iraq!

   Then he LIED to our troops, telling them they had not had a raise in 10 years and that he is giving them a 10% pay hike right away.

  Of course that, like most other things Trump says, was a lie. Troops have received around a 2% pay
hike every year for the past ten and this year, 2019 will be no different.

   We believe he was hoping the men were so distracted by looking up the skirt of the illegal alien he married and then bought her citizenship, that they won't pay attention to him. 

  He could be right!  Since her recent new face job, she is looking a little younger, like in the days when she posed nearly nude for commercials.


Anonymous said...

What about the short skirts and low tops when Bob Hope went to entertain the troops????

Mrs. Trump is a classy lady, besides she is the First Lady! How about some respect?

Anonymous said...

Real classy, oh yeah?

Anonymous said...

is this a snowflake safe zone?

Anonymous said...

How do you know if the woman in the picture is really Mrs. Trump? I bet it was photo shopped.

Anonymous said...

Are you kiddin? He bragged about it! Why do you think he went after her?