Monday, February 19, 2018

Can any Calaveras District 3 candidate bring people together???

  As you know, we have followed the unfortunate tenure of Supervisor Oliveira, who made many promises when
he ran against Callaway in District 3 in Calaveras County.  His only true supporters are the gun thugs and racists!! (don't try to deny it, Oliveira)

   His biggest promise was to bring big business into Arnold. He has said he brought the Dollar General Store here.

   He is afraid to come out with whether he is against a ban or for a ban of cannabis, saying that he wants the voters to decide.  Why???

  It appears that he, just like previous Supervisor Callaway, cannot make a solid decision as an elected Supervisor, and this hurts our area badly.

   Callaway, an anti-job, anti-growth liberal, now says she is pro-cannabis farming. Although Oliveira says it at board meetings, he then befriends the BANSTERS like McBanis!!

   Just like Callaway, he wants to be able to blame the voters, no matter what happens. This went on for years with Callaway.   Beware!!! We are watching all three candidates.

  The only clear and unadulterated BAN candidate is Langan.  He could pull a win out of the bag simply by getting all the churches out to vote.

   Another problem with Callaway is that, just like Oliveira, she has a small section of anti-growth voters from a business group, who only want tourism, not real businesses in Ebbetts Pass.

   She can't seem to bring them together to support her. Sad, but true!!


Anonymous said...

They both hve worthless drunks on their teams. one a racist and one a postal.isn't that right?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Langan will get all the ban lovers. He could take it in May. That's what I think!

Anonymous said...

tHESE little tent people can't win anymore. And it looks like the rank and file hate each other.

Anonymous said...

Both olivera and calaway are way too old anywhay.

Anonymous said...

Who is that weird mary person who hangs out with her? Weird is right!

Anonymous said...

Alt-Right racist Langan? No thanks!