Thursday, February 22, 2018

The bullet of an AR 15 travels how fast??? No outrunning the AR 15!!

   Lawrence O'Donnell just showed some facts about the AR 15 assault rifle and why the military likes it in battles.

   Each bullet leaves the chamber traveling 2815 MPH and destroys a path of inches around the bullet inside each child's body.  The exit wound is approximately the size of an orange.

   One young girl who tried to run away from this weapon was blown away with bullets fired into her back. There is no outrunning this gun.

   The AR 15 is designed to leave NO wounded behind.

   However, Trump said today that his Chief of Staff John Kelly could have easily taken out the shooter with the AR 15 with a hand gun. Kelly is 67 years old and never had to use a hand gun against an assault rifle in the military.

   Someone in the White House is nuts!! Who do you think it is???

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