Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Calaveras County in the New York Times???

   Who would ever believe that a little county like Calaveras would be even mentioned in the big city paper, The New York Times?

   Well, leave it to the idiots on the Calaveras Supervisors, Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli, who voted to BAN cultivation of Cannabis last month.

   Lawsuits looming in the millions and millions of dollars are going to likely bring the county to its knees, since Calaveras approved growing in the county, took millions from the farmers an spent a good deal of it.

    It was mostly given as a gift to the county Sheriff, who took the information growers willingly gave to the Planning Department while getting a permit and then proceeding to spend most of its time CUTTING down the cultivation sites.

   In fact, in at least one case, Supervisor Mills was invited by the temporary Sheriff (Calaveras Sheriff Kuntz dropped dead of a heart attack) to participate in the destruction.

   If something isn't done, Calaveras will likely  be financially devastated and just after giving their cops and other union members big raises. 

   Only stupidity and back woods hicks decisions can get our county this type of publicity.  Mills and Tofanelli are now being recalled. Clapp is up for re-election and is likely to be thrown out.

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Anonymous said...

Figures! Last time I remember being in there, it was some stupid fight over frogs!!