Monday, February 26, 2018

Conservatives Disgusting Racists (CPAC)

We are the 'new and improved'
RRRR Party
   Trump is the leader of the Rampant Revolting Racist Republican Party (not the GOP anymore).

   CPAC's decision to denigrate war hero John McCain, to make it clear that Michael Steele was only put in as RNC leader because he was black, for a woman who told the truth about how Republicans honor accused child molestors like Roy Moore and tend to overlook women's rights is disgusting

   But what the leader of their Trumpican Party read aloud, the Snake and the Woman, calling every immigrant, including two of his wives, snakes was truly shocking.

   These scumbags cheered guns, in spite of the children dying practically right in front of us, and inviting a White Nationalist to espouse their cheered rhetoric to them, has taken this party out of any possible future in the United States, in our opinion.

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