Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNN Town Hall--Powerful and Clear--CHANGES !!!!

   After watching part of the worthless 'listening' session at Trump's White House, where he invited fellow supporters who actually PRAISED him, to say we were sickened, is putting it lightly.

   Then, at 6 pm the CNN Town Hall began. Speakers without fear and without any scrubbing by the White House staff spoke 'TRUTH TO POWER" about assault rifles and the NRA.

   The Sheriff of Broward County challenged the sexy woman the NRA sent and told everyone, if you want change, assault rifles banned, etc. you need to VOTE them OUT of power and elect people who see the NRA as you do, a dangerous and out of control lobbying group, created to sell MORE GUNS!!

   One of the most powerful town halls we've EVER witnessed, the youth and residents of Florida WON against the NRA.  Now, go VOTE them OUT!!!!

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