Friday, February 23, 2018

Trump called cowardly cop a 'patriot' and a 'good guy'????

Hey! I'm white, I'm NRA! I'm a
'patriot ' and a 'good guy'
Trump says so.
Not my job man!!!! 
   If we've learned anything in the last 24 hours, it is that Trump was right that we will be forced to use our teachers to defend students at school, as only THEY did in Florida.

   While bullets were flying
and UNarmed teachers put their lives on the line for the kids, the ARMED deputy assigned to protect them HID, as Trump calls them, all good NRA "patriots" and "good guys" do.

  After the Sheriff of Broward County made it public, he allowed the deputy, who had over 30 years
of experience, to RETIRE with full benefits.

   The Sierra Sentinel has always called out DIRTY COPS. In Parkland they have at least one DIRTY COP (his name is Scott Peterson, an NRA member) and are fortunate enough to have one heroic SHERIFF.

   Any Sheriff who is honorable enough to tell the truth when they have a bad or cowardly cop on their force, is truly a "patriot" and a "good guy".

   Why can't Calaveras County elect a Sheriff like the one in Broward County, Florida? All our corrupt Sheriff's like Kuntz and DiBasilio do is lie and protect the DIRTY COPS, RACISTS and violent scum.

   Why do we who hate gun violence and cry when we see children hunted down and massacred, feel sick to our stomachs so often lately???


Anonymous said...

This is so typical. Cowardice starts at the top with TRUMP. Terrified of the NRA, he began espousing exact words THEY gave him to the gun problem.
Until we get elected officials with enough balls to stand up to those cowards, our country and especially our children, are NOT safe!

Anonymous said...

omg and he was the one I voted for cause he said he was gonna clean the swamp????

Anonymous said...

Come on! We all know Trump is # 1 a LIAR