Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump only allowed "TRUMPERs" in the meeting???

   It just about made you sick to hear anyone who had just been through the Valentines Day Slaughter in Parkland, praise this sicko man in the White House.

   But they were obviously chosen to be there because of their parents Republican affiliation. And even after the pleas were heard, the word GUNS never came out of that filthy NRA controlled piece of SH**HOLE'S mouth.

   Trump could care less! He's only trying to put on a good show for FOX News to play. NONE of the real patriots from the Florida high school were invited.

   Tonight on CNN there will be a TOWN HALL.  We'll see who shows up for that one. Trump refused to attend that one because he couldn't control it.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see who he put in charge? That crazy amway lady. all in the audience were carefully scrubbed.