Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tribalism in America

   Is America really a melting pot of immigrants or is that no longer true?  The Immigration Department is removing that
comment from its official paperwork.

  We now seem to be so TRIBAL, as was discussed earlier on Smerconish, that we can't even spend time together as family members without erupting into angry and violent RACIST, GUN and RELIGIOUS rhetoric.

   Trump is the leader of this division and fuels the hatred, wants us to be battling against each other, because it suits his agenda of White Supremacy, gun violence and religious intolerance.

   He has no desire to bring people together in unity!  His power comes from the hatred and division that White Supremacy, the NRA and the Religious Right have caused. Makes you want to run and hide, doesn't it?

   How many more people, feeling cut off and angry, will feel they have no alternative but to go shoot up a school or other place where people congregate?


Anonymous said...

This is very true. I heard someone say they think the NRA ought to be on the list of terrorist organizations.

Anonymous said...

Until all the young people register and vote the intolerant and intolerable out of office, the shootings will probably continue.

Anonymous said...

I actually believe that a lot of this is based in a flawed Trumpism Christianity. Religious intolerance is at the base of division throughout the world, and here.