Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cannabis vote on Calaveras Agenda...again

   In an attempt to get the blame off their backs, the Calaveras Supervisors have placed an agenda item on the February 13, 2018 meeting
regarding cannabis.  It will be Item # 36!!!  They had three weeks off, folks!

   They believe that making the public vote to decide about cannabis will make them now innocent and stop some of the recalls and lawsuits.

   Unfortunately, most feel they have made their bed and this is just a cowardly attempt to reverse their decision and get themselves out of PERSONAL trouble.  We'll see what happens!!

   Oliviera, District 3 Supervisor, who is up for re-election has been loudest for this, as he is being accused of trying to play both sides against the middle in order to get votes from both sides.


Anonymous said...

They will very soon be exposed for their poor leadership, bad decisions, and lies leading the demise of this County. Fact speaks louder. Stay tuned. BoS down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Mills, Clapp, Tofeneli. Your time is up. We have evidence of your collusion to defraud the citizens of this county. Forget your recalls. Prison is the destination you three will enjoy.

Anonymous said...

and they did nothing. bad bunch, this