Friday, February 9, 2018

Destination Angels Camp purpose--get rid of LOCAL small businesses

   After a presentation at the last Angels Camp City Council meeting, we did some checking.

   Destination Angels Camp, funded by our tax money, has a goal and Debbie Ponte, the new Exec, is good at it.

   They have a map on their website with all commercial land in Angels Camp.  In many cases it says VACANT, which encourages BIG developers to come in and wipe out the little guys.

   This has been a goal of the Angels Camp City Council for quite some time.  They hate the small business owners. The larger corps don't give them any trouble, never question them.

   She stated that she and or Dave Hanham conspire to get large developers to take away land from the smaller businesses in town, to get them a larger TAX BASE!

  We don't believe it is illegal to post what is public information on a website. However, it is ILLEGAL to misrepresent that property on your website, as we have found.
   Whether or not they will be taken to court for this is yet to be seen, but they had better clean up their act, and they should start with putting in a new board Chair of DAC.

   Being misrepresented, using our tax money, is fraudulent and actionable!!!  Small businesses in Angels Camp have a hard enough time, as Debbie Ponte admitted in her report to the Council.

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Hey, Deputy Dog, remember him. That's what they need.