Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Famous White Separatist Corey Burnell and Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio promotes....

Oh, they are here in Calaveras, all right!
The question is, how to get rid of them and
elected officials like DiBasilio, who
support them!
Talk about Un-American and treasonous!!!
   Public Access TV and nationally known White Separatist Corey Burnell have been busy promoting the State of Jefferson movement
and interviewed two of their members on his TV show.

   An admitted White Separatist, who tried to start a separate state in the south, Burnell is now hoping
for the White Separatist movement to take over Northern California.

   There would be no need for a White Separatist state if California would secede and form their own. Why, however, is Public Access TV any part of this movement?

   When Burnell asked the founders of the group how many counties had voted to join them, they admitted NONE. Burnell looked shocked.

   However, they said, Sheriff DiBasilio has said he supports them and two Supervisors they did not name in Calaveras.  Wonder who they could be???

   No tax base, no jobs, no money for government services, but they would be ALL WHITE!

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