Saturday, February 10, 2018

Having giant election banners made???

   This is a very important election and we hear that some people are going the extra mile to get the word out about who should be elected in Calaveras.

   Giant banners are being made just to combat the racist
signs that some mentally unstable racist people in charge of signs for Oliveira's, Mills and Clapp's last election, especially a certain crazy woman who puts up signs for a person she DENIES is her racist BOYFRIEND!!

  Never again will an assault by crazy people go unanswered. We have to force them out of office and out of the county; we have to let them know they are not acceptable, nor wanted here.

   For very low cost you can have large banners made with the photo of the candidate of your choice. It's well worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see. Could it be Vickie, Lisalisa, alice or karenbaby, or how about I can't think of clapps, some old lady.