Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How low will you go???

  A reader asked us 'how low will you go' in insulting Trump?  First of all, how low did racists go in insulting a great President Obama?

   And to answer how low will we go; as low as is necessary to show the truth about a man who wants the US to be his dictatorship, his Trump Tower, and could care less about any of us. 

  SCANDAL, RACISM, LIAR, CHEATER, and criminal, we'll see what Mueller says!  But we'll only see the truth if Democrats take over the House and or Senate in November.

   If Republicans can hold their majorities, they will provide the scum cover because they are just like him!!! What shameful things are happening to our government; the government we need to protect us.

   No one can go lower than what racists did to the honorable Obama, so the Sierra Sentinel will continue to call Trump as we see him: Filth!!!!  Yes, as low as is necessary to describe the SH**HOLE!!!


Anonymous said...

would be pretty hard to go as low as trump deserves. little bonespur Trump deserves everything he gets.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Preston say "shoot the n***** hating racist!"