Saturday, February 3, 2018

Neighbors from Hell # 38 Racists, threatening-Cops do nothing!!

...and this is the reason these crazies are so emboldened!!!
   We have heard more and more neighbor vs. neighbor problems in Ebbetts Pass caused by the Nazi-
right wing racists who have no other lives but to smell up the area.

   One man told us that his kook neighbor, who can't keep a job, stands at the property line and screams!! This is mental illness!!!

   The problem is that RACISTS don't just hate minorities, they hate anyone who disagrees with their sick beliefs.  Unfortunately Ebbetts Pass, and other areas of Calaveras have seen these crazies come here to hide!!!

   If tourists or people looking or considering moving here realize how bad it is to live anywhere near
these nuts, they would run!!  Where is Foothills Rising now???

   The cops won't help cause they are mostly like these creeps, so it's only so long before there is violence.  We hear about constant threats from these mentally ill kkk lovers with the Sheriff doing NOTHING and the Calaveras DA worshipping them.

   SAD, but TRUE in Calaveras County!!!  They are definitely Neighbors from Hell # 38. Document everything online with the Sheriff. Even just suspicious circumstances. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT their crazy behavior.


Anonymous said...

I think these nuts do these things to try and get people they don't agree with to move. They are nuts, so be careful.

Anonymous said...

As far as that Foothills rising group, I thing they got scared off when they realized how bad these people really are.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how many of these racists are total drunks? Makes them even more dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I recommend you call the FBI. I know they are watching certain ones right now, but i'm sure they would add to their list. Call them.

Anonymous said...

If they don't take your case then we know the FBI is biased to the trumpians then, right??? Please let us all know.