Monday, April 9, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Tofanelli wants more secret meetings!!!

Tofanelli, Mills and Clapp are
dangerous and want to hide things
from public.  RECALL
   The Chair of the Calaveras Supervisors is promoting forming a secret "ad hoc" committee to decide
what the county should lobby for at the State and Federal level.

   Ever since extremist Supervisor Mills and Chair Tofanelli grabbed control of the Board, they have worked to make decisions without public input and without transparency.

   This is on the Calaveras Supervisor agenda for tomorrow April 10, 2018.  Tofanelli has become a dangerous Supervisor since he got into bed with Mills an Clapp.

   Protests are planned by certain groups in the county, we understand.  Good for them. We have a
corrupt and crazy right wing racist majority on this Board.

   Aren't both Mills and Tofanelli under RECALL already???

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Anonymous said...

There was a time when I believed tofaneli was normal, reasonal and had a brain. He's lost all respect as he's moved to the extremist religious right