Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where Calaveras District 3 Supervisor candidates stand??

   Three residents in Calaveras County District 3 are vying for serving as Supervisor for the next
4 years.

   Langan has attracted the religious right and the Bansters against cannabis.

       Oliveira still keeps the racist gun thugs, the dirty cops, the drunks; but has never had the  businesses and his flip-flopping has lost him the ban supporters. He says he's against Planned Development but has done NOTHING to end it to help businesses.

    Callaway will get the business people, the pro-cannabis people and the folks who loved that she alwasys had time to talk to them, the folks who live here.  She now says she is open to revising PD or removing it from the Arnold Community Plan.


Anonymous said...

Oliveira is nothing but a BLOW HARD and a BULLY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that is obvious even with the bad sound.