Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Calaveras Sheriff has too many SECRETS!!! Crabtree the worst!

     The temporary appointed Sheriff in Calaveras County refuses to make public what it is he actually does with our money.

   Asked to make public what people he actually snoops on and which people he busts, he refuses. His corruption is the worst we have ever seen in Calaveras.

   We have seen for ourselves that the bad Sgt. Crabtree, who was promoted for being corrupt, is forever harassing innocent people with the helicopters he is now in charge of.

   Crabtree is well-known for refusing to write up criminal complaints about a racist friend of his and the Sheriff's and then getting a promotion for taking the blame.  Email evidence exists that he is one of the worst in the department.

   He is one of the reasons the good deputies leave; they cannot deal with the crooked cops in Calaveras!

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Anonymous said...

The biggest ssecret is not really a secret. he's in love with M.Preston, and is so afraid o him he squeaks!