Saturday, July 21, 2018

Iran-Contra, Drugs for GUNS, Reagan-Bush, Oliver North

  Yes, there were others involved in the Reagan-Bush Iran Contra Drugs for Guns scandal, but Oliver North took the fall and went to prison for the President and VP at the time.

   Over the years, North has been given some easy jobs in media and now he is making
it into the big time as far as guns and terror are concerned.

   North has been elected the new President of the NRA: the one that the Russian Butina and others
apparently laundered money through to the GOP and especially Trump.

   In our opinion, North is the most appropriate person to represent this disastrous and we think, extremely dangerous wing of the Republican Party.

   Even locally, there are people out raising money for North and his NRA to give Trump (they gave him only $31 million in 2016). 

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Memries, in the corner of my heart....