Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Did DiBasilio lie AGAIN???

Watching over Calaveras
  After all the scandal involving Calaveras temporary Sheriff DiBasilio's personal friend and campaign chairman Candace Kesey was made public, the other
candidate for Sheriff came to the podium to complain about DiBasilio trying to sneak Kesey into the cushy job.

   DiBasilio then got up and called everyone liars and the news reports FAKE News (sound familiar). He actually stated that he knew NOTHING about the contract, just like Trump knew nothing about hush money to McDougal, the Playboy bunny.

   We noticed Lutz, the CAO, squirm in his chair, as we have been told that he tried to remove the
contract from the consent agenda and DiBasilio refused.   Who do YOU believe???

  Apparently the contract with Kesey was signed over a month ago!  How could that be???


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, cops are taught to lie and they get good at it. Yes, he lies!

Anonymous said...

How can we believe the sheriff ? No one can tell me that Candace not one time ever came to Dibasilio and said "hey I am going to apply for the cleaning job".The "liar " seems to be the Sheriff.Mr.Stevens was correct stating that there needs to be change.