Sunday, July 22, 2018

Are Trumps' "Deplorables" that DUMB??

Get off the POTTY and wise up, "Deplorables"!
   Trumps' "Deplorables" as he affectionately calls his less than educated fans, were promised that their factory jobs would come back!  He lied!

   Friday he said he guesses they need apprenticeship training to get new jobs!  DUH?????? That's what Clinton and Obama said!

   Trumps' "Deplorables" were promised a WALL against all minorities. He lied!

   Trumps' "Deplorables" were promised he would make America GREAT and White again!  How
many lies will they believe? 

   We guess they aren't called deplorables for nothing.  Behind their backs, Trump calls them his FOOLS!

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