Saturday, July 21, 2018

Why do thieves target children's groups?

Most thieves don't really look
like thieves. They start young
and are taught by their parents
to just deny, deny, deny, but
to look normal!

  We all know that there are plenty of low-life common thieves out there, just looking for

   Why do they target childrens groups? There is a report today of a Little League Team that had
money and supplies stolen.

   Probably because they see them as easy marks, and the volunteers who run them are mostly trusting of others. 

   We know, as former board members of a children's group, that there are scummy thieves who are willing to steal from little children without a wince of guilt.

   They weasel their way in as if to volunteer and when you turn your back, $1000 worth of children's cash and items are missing, with the guilty parties claiming innocence or trying to blame someone else.

   All a non-profit like the Little League can do is REMOVE them from any part in the group immediately.  Sometimes even when you know they are worthless thieves, it's hard to prove.

   Also, the Board of Directors may not want a full scale investigation and publicity that goes with it, which could cause donors to question whether they should give to that group or not in the future.

   Although it makes most of us who try to help children sick to our stomachs, knowing who these scums are, there isn't much you can do.

    Criminals are criminals, convicted or not. So you just have to always remember who they are and warn others to keep them away, as we have!

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