Sunday, September 30, 2018

Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh on SNL

The FREAKY calendar
   Matt Damon is much too handsome to look as nasty and hateful and mean as Kavanaugh did at his Senate hearing.

   Damon also had to hold back his laughter, especially when showing the FREAKY CALENDAR! What were the TRUE meanings of the sick words in his yearbook? Whoa! That guy needs help! 

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Anonymous said...

Great evidence! Who would have thought? I guess that puts a big hole in the Doctor's time line. Can't believe she can't remember how she got there and back home. No date of assault. By the way, a person who suffers from PTSD remembers everything that happened, when, where, who and even how someone smelled. It's just like it happened yesterday. Doctor had something happen to her in her past, but not with the judge.

I know you won't publish this as this is not what you want to hear.