Thursday, September 20, 2018

OP-ED: Face it: If you could LIE as a COP....

All dirty cops should be locked up!
   The fact is that if you could be given a badge to wear as a representative of law enforcement to protect and serve the people, and you LIE, write FALSE reports and commit other crimes,

    .... we believe you would lie about anything. Whether its money or items you steal from children,
hard-working merchants or neighbors.

   Yes, FACE it!  If you care so little about a badge that you could LIE and LIE and LIE til you are a FIRED Dirty Cop, we believe you would LIE about anything and everything. 

   AND WE KNOW YOU DO!!!! Scumbag stinking dirty pig cop!!!  You don't fool US!!!!

   Do NOT hire a dirty cop!  Once a dirty cop, always a dirty cop!  You can harass, threaten, vandalize, steal and all the other things your stinking Nazi daddy taught you, but you will still
NEVER get hired by anyone reputable!!!

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