Friday, September 21, 2018

More environmental damage in the neighbors back yard!

And everyone said how bad Kuntz
was as Sheriff!  DiBasilio is
so much worse!  Openly
corrupt? What does his
wife do? Does she like it?
   After reading the phony reports the our phony Sheriff DiBasilio writes to try and convince everyone that cannabis is bad for Dennis Mills, no one in Calaveras County knows what
to believe any more.

   One thing we can tell you, in addition to the fact that Dennis Mills is a total phony, is that the Sheriff would find more environmental damage in a neighbors back yard than at a cannabis grow.

   They did NOT test the fertilizers used, but still wrote that they were like POISON, just like Mills told them too. Well, the toilets and other garbage neighbors pile up in their back yard is much worse!

   Then they write what horrid crimes they may have committed (they are CITED for misdemeanor cannabis growing, which is more than 6 plants).

   Someone in Calaveras County has gone nuts at the Sheriff's Office, or they are in the back pocket of Dennis Mills (MONEY?) because none of this makes sense.

   The beautifully landscaped cannabis farm will now be abandoned and become a total fire hazard, just like Mills wants it too, right?

   DiBasilio and Mills!  What a pair of nut cases!


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