Monday, September 24, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira and the Muetterties are destroying GABA??


    With only right wing politicians allowed on
the new Greater Arnold Business Association board of directors, the organization is being destroyed
by the new extremist right wing President Mike Borean.

   We even understand they had a meeting AFTER the promotions for the TOT tax and the CCWD increase; a strictly campaign meeting for Michael Oliveira for which only around 24 hours notice was given by a board member and no filming was allowed after the promotional speeches.

   We were told that only people who support Oliveira were invited, that he and Muetterties WHINED and complained that nothing is getting done (THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE SUPPPOSED TO GET THINGS DONE!)

   Borean simply cannot get along with others and should not be allowed to run any organization. Supervisor Callaway did not attend!

  If you try to locate the one hour that John Hamilton streamed on his own website, good luck. We were told it was a shameful hour and that after they cut off the film, it got worse!


Anonymous said...

I asked Callaway why she didn't go and she said she wasn't invited.

Anonymous said...

vote 4 mareeta this is just nonsense

Anonymous said...

thats all mudderdies does is lie lie lie. such complainers just like the rasist mike preston and bill mcmanus.