Sunday, September 30, 2018

Why does Trump fight for Kavanaugh? Simple!

    There is a simple reason why Trump is fighting so hard to help Kavanaugh get to the Supreme
Court, even knowing that he is emotionally weak, irrational and may have committed perjury among other crimes.

   Kavanaugh will OWE Trump BIG TIME! And they are just alike!!!!  He will totally protect him from Mueller!

   If Trump gets him the appointment, Kavanaugh will spend the rest of his CAREER making Trump happy; protecting him from the legal system, making sure women continue to be abused and have no rights, and continuing the corruption of Trump for decades.

  The Supreme Court, which was badly damaged from the last womanizer on it, will NEVER recover from this embarrassment and have absolutely no respect!

   Keep it simple!  Trump wants Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh needs Trump!  Sick, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope people don't believe everything they read!