Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh FELL off the bus, DRUNK???

   In a late question, Kavanaugh was asked about a statement one of his classmates made about him being so drunk one night, he actually fell off the bus.

  He went on to state that Kavanaugh had to try and piece the night back together by asking others.  Kavanaugh kept trying to interrupt with defensive statements that he was NOT drunk Unbelievable!!

   He has stated repeatedly that he never drank so much he couldn't remember what happened, but many others he knew seem to be stating that is a LIE!  No one should be appointed to the Supreme Court with questions like this.

   If he's lying about one thing, he is likely lying about other things, too!


Anonymous said...

Obvious he did what she is reporting. Anyone ever been to a high school beer party

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy killed a young woman. He suffered no consequences. DEMOCRATS wake up,