Monday, September 24, 2018

Real meeting began AFTER film cut off!! GABA questioned!

   Seems to be a conspiracy to destroy what was once a reputable business association in Arnold,
with political ambition more important that the town. 

   The meeting was declared over by Bob Doten, and the filming was stopped. But that is where the REAL meeting began.

   Supervisor candidate Oliveira and his campaign were at a meeting that very few even knew about, was NOT on their website, no press releases to all the other county publications or others.

  The reason they are holding them secretly is because they know that many members want to overthrow the right wing board of directors who are attempting to destroy it.

   What a shame that this is happening in our little town!


Anonymous said...

GABA is the worst association. Doten ruined it and the rest on the board have no clue what they're doing. sad. very sad

Anonymous said...

I hope mareeta gets back in offices