Saturday, September 22, 2018

We asked Calaveras candidate Oliveira about Montgomery

  We sent an email to Calaveras County candidate Michael Oliveira to try and find out the truth about whether Elizabeth Montgomery and Jim Landry
are indeed one in the same person.

   We have had many comments regarding this issue and await his response. We told him to have Jim Landry present his 'photo ID' to our office. 

   As we told Oliveira, we will inform the public when we hear one way or the other or if we do not hear at all.


Anonymous said...

100% there is no Jim Landry registered to vote in Calaveras County.

This fake accounts are completely against Facebook's terms, and the kind of big-city schemes that we don't need in our county.

Anonymous said...

Did u hear about the video he posted where he trashes Marita? My dad agrees with me and we are both voting for her becuz thats the kind of politics we dont need in this county.