Monday, December 3, 2018

Butte County Sheriff speaks

   Kory Honea, Butte County Sheriff has spoken out about the Camp Fire since it became the
most deadly and destructive in California history.

   He has stated that he feels there are just some catastrophes that out run the facilitatators sent to respond, and that is why so many people died.  90% of the town of Paradise, including over 14,000 homes, was destroyed.

   It seems in rural areas, it takes literally days for enough engines to arrive at the scene of a big fire, just like Calaveras County's Butte Fire, and air resources are not moved or escalated quickly enough.

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Anonymous said...

Typically government bullshit that doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground! Travis Air Force base as well as Beale have a ton of aircraft that could have put this fire out in a heartbeat, so why were they not used? Because nobody knows what they are doing in government affairs although many people pretend to!